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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Sebelum kita masuk dalam bahasan tiap chapter tema make-up, berikut adalah cerita pembuka yang mengawali kisah mengapa kosmetik ini diberi nama/merk Majolica Majorca.

Once upon a time there lived a bird.
She was small, and insignificant, and had neither
beautiful feathers nor shining tail.
But her heart was innocent and true.

The bird loved beautiful things,
and she always wished she could become beautiful, too.
Each day she searched and searched for feathers that were
beautiful or unusual, and adorned her body with them.

Before she knew it, the bird had become strangely attractive and unlike any other.
Her beauty was totally unique, fascinating and captivating.

The goddess of beauty had watched all this,
and she felt admiration for the bird’s courage and creativity.
The goddess chanted a spell: “MAJOLICA MAJORCA!”
Then a wonderful thing happened!

The feathers adorning the bird’s body all became real,
and a tiny crown appeared atop the bird’s head.

The bird had become the goddess’ chosen princess,
an evangelist of beauty. “Now,” said the goddess to the bird,
“Go forward into the world and make all the girls beautiful.”

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